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Face Masks Australia. Shop High Quality Covid Face Masks Online. Choose From A Large Range Of Intent Mx Face Mask Colours Including Black Face Masks, Pink, Teal, White, Grey, Tan, Yellow, Maroon And Navy Blue. Along Side All Of Our Intent Clothing. We Have The Best Reusable Face Masks On The Market. Washable, Cotton And Silk Face Masks Are The Best Available Lifestyle Face Wear In Australia. Tired Of Hospital Vibe White And Blue Disposable And Highly Uncomfortable Face Masks? Yes They’re Necessary But They Could Be Better. That’s Why We Developed A Fabric Blend That Doesn’t Irritate The Skin Whilst Trapping Moisture To Prevent Glasses Fog And Preventing Over Heating. Most Face Masks Aren’t Adjustable Nor Do they Come With A Comfort Guarantee. A Dual Layer Constructed To Provide Adequate Air Filtration Whilst Absorbing And Dissipating Any Excess Moisture. Style, Comfort, Quality And Ease Of Wear Were The Main Priorities With Our Entire Intent Clothing And Lifestyle Apparel. Rain, Hail Or Shine. Our Mx Lifestyle Clothing Will Have You Covered. Whether You’re Looking For 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colour Variations, Or More. No Problem At All. We Have A Design For Every Colour And A Colour For Every Design. We Have The Best Face Masks In Australia. Fast Free Shipping World Wide And Add Some Motocross Gear, Dirt Bike Goggles And Mx Gloves To Your Order. If No Dirt Bike Gloves Then Maybe add Some Intent Clothing. And, If You Also Want Some Intent Active Wear, You Will Not Be Disappointed. Anyway.

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Covid19 Has Reeked Havoc On Australia And The Rest Of The World. From Sporting Event Cancellations, International Flight Cancellations, Basically All Stores And Public Facilities To Be Closed Indefinitely. Over Two Years On The Covid19 Pandemic Is A Mess And Causing Great Distress All Around The World. Face Masks Are Now Mandatory And Required When Entering Any Public Facility. Covid Has Definitely Changed The Way We Live And It’s An Odd Shift In The Vibe Of Modern Human Civilisation. With Empty Stadiums, Empty Retail Stores, Empty Entertainment Facilities And An Apocalyptic Ghost Town When Food Shopping. Essentials Were Allowed To Be Accessed And That Was All For Quite Some Time. Everybody Was In The Same Situation. No Gyms, No Clubs, No Pubs, No Events And No Leaving The House. Completely Locked Down For Months And Months. People In Happy Relationships, Hopefully They Stayed That Way. Single But Living With Friends Or Family, Hope You’re All Still Fond Of Each Other. Single And Live Alone, Tough Gig. Really Hard Situation. Locked In Your House Alone For Months And Months With Very Very Few Moments Of Familiarity. Thankfully, The Worst Of It Is Behind Us. Covid Is Still Heavily Affecting Our Day To Day Lives. Boarders Have Finally Opened Here In Australia And Interstate Travel Is Permitted. Despite Covid And The Ongoing Need To Wear Face Masks In All Public Facilities And High Human Traffic Zones.

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Reusable Face Masks Australia. As Most Would Be Aware, The Covid19 Virus Has Caused Havoc On Every Industry And Everyone’s Lives. From Losing Employment To Constantly Having To Wear Face Masks Everywhere We Go. Covid-19 And Compulsory Face Masks Has Changed The Way Each And Every One Of Us Go About Our Daily Lives. The Way You Shop Has Also Drastically Changed With E-commerce Online Shopping  Going Through The Roof. As You’d Expect, With Online Shopping Increasing Combined With Interstate And International Travel Restrictions Affecting Freight Companies And Business Travel. It Is Inevitable To Have Delays On Any Orders Regardless To The Product You’re Purchasing.

All Of Our Products Whether It Is A Snapback Hat, A T Shirt, A Face Mask, Dirt Bike Goggles, Mx Gloves Or A Set Of Motocross Gear. All Of These Products Will Be Subject To Delays With Shipping From Our Mx Store To Your Home. Face Masks Are Our Newest Product And Are Available In 9 Different Colours. Pink And Black, Teal And Black, Tan And Black, Grey And Black, Yellow And Black, Black And White, White And Black, Navy And White As Well As Maroon And White. All Of Our Reusable Face Masks Are Fully Adjustable With A Dual Layer Construction Consisting Of An Outer Layer That Is Slightly Firmer Than The Secondary Inner Layer Perfect For Proper Air Filtration To Minimise Your Risk Of Infection And Provide Comfort Like No Other Reusable Face Mask On The Market. High Quality Reusable Face Masks, Comfort Guaranteed.

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Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Brand Of High Quality Motocross Gear, Mx Accessories And Casual Clothing. Based In Adelaide, South Australia; Support An Australian Business. And, Be Provided With High Quality Motocross Gear, Snapbacks, Clothing And Wallets At An Affordable Price. Easy And Fast Express Shipping World Wide.

    Mx Gear Sets Including Mx Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. Sold Separately Or Bundled Into Gear Sets And Gear Combos. Our Motocross Gear Line Up Exceeds Any Prior Standards For Motocross Gear From Any Of The Biggest Mx Brands Out. Browse The Intent Mx Store For All Motocross Gear Set Combos, Mx Gear Sets And All Individual Products. Individual Dirt Bike Products Such As Our Range Of Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. World Class Motocross Gear Utilising Premium Fabrics With High Quality Workmanship, Fuelled By Innovation And Passion For Motocross. 

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We Are Here To Stay. Join Us – 100% Australian Owned Brand And Online Store. Defined By 4 Key Words; Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality.

So As It’s Been Stated. Our Products And Our Ethics As A Company Revolve Around Creating High Quality Motocross Gear And Clothing Accessories. Including Mx Jerseys, Pants And Gloves Persisting To Continue To Bring Innovational Progress Year On Year Out. With All Of Our Motocross Gear Line And Lifestyle Clothing. Whilst Restlessly Trying To Minimise The Price Tag, To Make All Of Our Mx Gear More Affordable For Everyone.

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The Online Store Site Map Is Intended To Be A Comprehensive User Friendly Directory Of Our Site And Mx Store. To Help You Navigate Our Website Efficiently And Effortlessly Without Confusion Or Interruption. Easily Browse Our Online Platform To Find What You’re Looking For. High Quality Products Delivered To Your Door With The Click Of A Single Button. Browse From Our Large Range Of Products And Select Your Desired Size And Colour. We Offer A Variety Of Payment Methods And Aswell As A Range Of Different Shipping Options For Your Convenience. So Using Our Website Map Offers The Chance For You To Understand How And Where To Navigate On Our Online Store. As Well As The Best Way To Do So. Fast, Simple And Reliable Are Our Service Priorities. Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality Are 4 Key Priorities When It Comes To Our Products. The Desire To Be Better Is Why We Are Here. Shop The Intent Mx Store Now To Get Yours Before It’s Gone!