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There may be incorrect or typographical statements, pieces of information or prices on the website and/or any associated topics. Such as invoices, emails and advertisement that may or may not be, misleading. We intend on keeping everything as true and upto date as possible. But in the unlikely event; Intent mx does not take any responsibility for the actions of you, the customer regarding purchases, incorrect shipping, payment or personal details and account information. If an undercharged purchase does conclude we have the right to bill the remaining due balance at our will from the given payment details from the relevant purchase. If you happen to be overcharged on a purchase or a product in your order is found to be out of stock. We will refund your purchase and all charges/costs relevant to the order or item at our earliest convenience to the original payment details given by you, the customer upon checkout. Excluding shipping charges if any item regarding the order is shipped.

Refunds will be processed and returned to original method of payment used for the order within 3-5 business days.

For assistance email; customerservice@intentmx.co


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Products marked with “pre-order”, meaning the product is not currently in stock. That your purchase and/or order, was placed previous to product being readily available. Generally still going through the manufacturing process, or have completed manufacturing and the products are in transit. Once we receive the shipment of products that contain one or more of your products, your purchase will be then sent out to you. If we receive a shipment containing one, but not all of the products relevant to your order; you will then be notified if you would like us of intent mx pty Ltd, to send out the products that are in stock. Or wait for all of the products in your order to arrive, and send them all out to you together. In most cases, products will all arrive together.

If you are unhappy with how long it is taking to receive your purchases, were unaware that it was only a pre-order or  in the unlikely case that for some reason we never receive the product you’ve placed a pre-order for; we will refund the total cost of all purchases of products that you will no longer receive.

Any further questions email customerservice@intentmx.co for assistance.


The use of this website and its intended purpose include buying goods and services, providing personal information to proceed with product purchases. Recieving advertisements and subscription notices, receiving invoices and order related emails. We are here to make the process as easy as possible for you, the customer. To buy products and use the website freely without inhibiting your order. Abuse of the website or towards any customer service representative by phone or email is strictly not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Please be patient if we are experiencing technical or product related difficulties.

For assistance email; customerservice@intentmx.co


All products come with a 30 day time frame on all returns and/or exchanges on products in the original packaging and in the same condition you received it.

Simply pay the return freight cost and email; customerservice@intentmx.co with your invoice number and clearly explain what the problem is for a full refund or exchange product of the same value.

Refunds will be processed and if the product/`s pass the required test, the original charge will be returned to original method of payment used for the order within 3-5 business days.


Intent mx does not take any responsibility for damage caused to products or lost products during shipment. Please immediate with shipping company. If product is to have incorrect shipping details, we will take full responsibility and allocate a resolution. Although if found that you had provided us incorrect shipping details at the time the order was placed or incorrect details are saved in your account we will not be held accountable. We will help if possible.

For assistance email; customerservice@intentmx.co


Every product comes with a 30 day warranty from purchase date. Warranty covers manufacturing faults ONLY. Faulty product must be STRAIT OUT OF PACKAGING. Must have all original tags and labels attached. Warranty is invalid and will not be granted for all mistreated products and/or damage caused from riding incidents.
For a replacement product:
Simply email; customerservice@intentmx.co and include what problem you have experienced. A picture of affected area, your full name and invoice/order number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Intent Mx Store

Shop The Intent Mx Store. – High Quality Australian Owned Motocross Gear Designed & Aimed Directly at Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good & Looking Good.

Unprecedented Designs & Unparalleled Performance. Be Bold, Be Different. Live Fast & Ride Faster With High Flow Infinite Stretch Motocross Gear.

Browse The Intent Mx Store To Shop All Mx Gear Sets, Jerseys, Pants & Gloves. High Quality Motocross Products, Comfort Guarantee. 

Browse The Intent Mx Clothing Store To Shop All Casual Clothing & Lifestyle Apparel Including SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops & More Clothing Accessories. High Quality Clothing Products, Comfort Guarantee.

Motocross Athletes, Supercross Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Trail Riders & All Of Those Who Share The Passion For Dirt Bikes – Intent Mx & Our Range Of Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Clothing & Mx Accessories Were Built With Passion, Innovation & The Desire To Be Better; For You.

Australian Owned Brand & Online Mx Store

Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Brand Of High Quality Motocross Gear, Mx Accessories & Casual Clothing.  Based In Adelaide, South Australia; Support An Australian Business & Be Provided With High Quality Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Clothing & Mx Accessories At An Affordable Price. Easy & Fast Express Shipping World Wide.

    Mx Gear Sets Including Mx Jerseys, Pants & Gloves. Sold Separately Or Bundled Into Gear Sets & Gear Combos. Our Motocross Gear Line Up Exceeds Any Prior Standards For Motocross Gear From Any Of The Biggest Mx Brands Out. Browse The Intent Mx Store For All Motocross Gear Set Combos,  Mx Gear Sets & All Individual Motorcycle Products Such As Our Range Of Jerseys, Pants &  Gloves. World Class Motocross Gear Utilising Premium Fabrics With High Quality Workmanship, Fuelled By Innovation & Passion For Motocross. 

Australian Owned  | Shipping World Wide

Moral Motive | Company Fundamentals

We Are Here To Stay. Join Us – 100% Australian Owned Brand & Online Store. Defined By 4 Key Words; Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

As It’s Been Stated, Our Products & Our Ethics As A Company Revolve Around Creating High Quality Motocross Gear & Clothing Accessories. Including Mx Jerseys, Pants & Gloves Persisting To Continue To Bring Innovational Progress Year on Year Out With All Of Our Motocross Gear Line & Lifestyle Clothing. Whilst Restlessly Trying To Minimise The Price Tag, To Make All Of Our Mx Gear, Casual Clothing & Accessories More Affordable For Everyone.

Read More About Intent Mx | Behind The Brand

Motocross Gear | Shop The Mx Store

All Motocross Gear We Provide Is Designed, Manufactured, Stored & Shipped With Love For The Product. The Brands Products Are Available In The Online Store & In All Available Retailers. Superior Levels  Of Functionality, Breathability, Comfort, Quality, Performance & Style. With High Quality, High Flow Infinite Stretch Mx Gear Far Beyond That Of Our Competitors. Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Company With Product Integrity As A Key Priority.

Years Of Development, Thousands Of Hours Of Commitment & Ultimately Pursued With The Burning Desire For Innovational Progression. Followed By The Goal To Successfully Bring Intent Mx Into The Sport To Compete With The Biggest Mx Brands & Industry Leaders. We Intend On Doing This By Creating Products Optimised For Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality. Motocross Gear You Will Love & Love to Wear. 

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good & Looking Good.

Shop Motocross Gear Online Now

Lifestyle Clothing & Apparel | Shop The Clothing Store

Our Clothing Is Comfort & Quality Guaranteed. High Quality Lifestyle Apparel & Casual Clothing Made For You To Make Your Mark At The Motocross Track Or Your Favourite Event. SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops & More Accessories On The Online Intent Mx Store. Casual Clothing & Clothing Accessories To Compliment Any Clothing Combination or Mx Gear Set Up. Light Weight & Resistance Free Plush Infinite Stretch Fabric For Unrivalled Levels Of Comfort Without Compromising On Product Quality. SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops & Clothing Accessories Are Of Top Quality & Are All Available On The Online Intent Mx Store Now.

Shop The Clothing Line In Store Now

BlackOut Gear Line | Shop The Mx Store

Check Out The Newest BlackOut Mx Gear Line; Sleek & Versatile.

Run One Set Of Pants With The Choice Of Multiple Jersey Designs. Stay Fresh On A Budget & Line Up In An Entirely New Look Each Gate Drop or Arvo Moto. Shop The Latest Black Out Mx Gear Line On Our Online Store Or A Known Retailer Of Intent Mx Gear. 1 Set Of Black Pants, Multiple Variant Jerseys To Change It Up Each Ride or Event At Your Next Race Day or Show. Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

Shop The Black Out Gear Line Online Now

Health Supplements & CBD Oil | Shop The Health Store

Also, Don’t Forget To Checkout The Health Supplements & CBD Oil Available In Our Online Store. Such As Our Range Of Health Supplements Including Both Transcending Organics 2500mg & 1000mg CBD Oil. Look Good, Feel Good, Ride & Recover Pain Free. Shop An Australian Brand Of High Quality CBD Oil. Transcending Organics CBD Oil Is 100% Non Psychoactive & Is A Trusted Australian CBD Supplement Brand. A CBD Product I use Multiple Times Daily For Nerve Pain & Muscle Spasticity. As Well As CBD Being Used For An Overall Healthier Body & Life. CBD Is Also Used For Joint Pain, Inflammation & Muscle Recovery. I Trust & Am Very Thankful To Have Access To Such A Great Quality CBD Product. 

Shop CBD Oil On The Online  Store Now

View The Intent Mx Store Online For All Products Today

Shop All Motocross Gear Combos, Gear Sets, Jerseys, Pants & Gloves. All Products & Accessories Online & In Store Now. Aswell As Browsing Our Online Store For The Latest Lifestyle Apparel & Casual Clothing Line. Including SnapBack Hats, Shirts & Tank Tops. Premium SnapBack Hats, 6 Panel Customised Fit For All Day Comfort. All T Shirts, Tank Tops & Snapback Hats Are Constructed Using Premium Fabrics For Unparalleled Comfort & Quality. 

Australian Owned Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Apparel & Casual Clothing.

Our Range Of Products Were Built With Passion, Innovation & The Relentless Desire To Be Better; For You. 

Shop The Intent Mx Online Store Now.

View The Intent Mx Store Site Map

The Online Store Site Map Is Intended To Be A Coherent & Comprehensive User Friendly Directory Of Our Site & Mx Store. To Help You Navigate Our Website Efficiently & Effortlessly Without Confusion Or Interruption. Easily Browse Our Online Platform To Find What You’re Looking For. High Quality Products Delivered To Your Door With The Click Of A Single Button. Browse From Our Large Range Of Products & Select Your Desired Size & Colour. We Offer A Variety Of Payment Methods & Aswell As A Range Of Different Shipping Options For Your Convenience. Using Our Website Map Offers The Chance For You To Understand How & Where To Navigate As Well As The Best Way To Do So. Fast, Simple & Reliable Are Our Service Priorities. Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality Are 4 Key Priorities When It Comes To Our Products & The Desire To Be Better Are Why We Are Here.

Shop The Intent Mx Store Now To Get Yours Before It’s Gone!